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Animorphs Sue Report

Our sues can morph.

Animorphs Sue Files
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You know them. You've read them.

The lucky girl (or on occasion, guy) who just happens to find the morphing cube, catch the Animorphs mid-battle, discover their Yeerk-infested family, etc. They might be Jake/Marco/Tobias/whoever's long lost sibling, or perhaps a new love interest. You can almost bet Marco's going to lust for them, or failing that, Jake'll break Cassie's heart for 'em.

They can destroy the entire invasion force and have the Yeerks at their feet within minutes despite having known next-to-nothing moments before.

They're like Yeerks, taking over your brain and leaving you to wallow in your fanfic-loving misery. Except with worse grammar and spelling.

Like the brain-stealing slugs, they are to be feared.

Posting Rules

When posting a Sue, use this template, please.

Title: [title here + link - ask if you need help with it.]
Author: [their name is...]

Name: [the sue's name]
Species: [human, andalite, yeerk? a bizzare mix?]
Hair: [freakish colors and all]
Eyes: [of any variety, stalk or otherwise.]
Canon Connections: [does she love marco? is anyone from the books in here at all?]
Special Abilities: [can she morph? is she psychic? etc.]
Origin: [What's the story of our hero/heroine?]

Notes: [Anything else of interest.]

Excerpts: [Give us tidbits of the horror. Behind lj-cuts, that is.]

Saving our butts Disclaimer

This community is about reporting and mocking these bad fics. No actual insult meant to the real authors, though, it's all in fun. (And the more they write the more fun we have!)

Oh yeah, and this is a total rip-off of pottersues of course.

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